The Ogoni Struggle for Survival is Justifiable - MOSOP President

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) says the struggle of the Ogoni people is justifiable. Addressing a MOSOP Congress in Gokana kingdom on Tuesday, president of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke said sustaining the struggles for survival and a better future for the Ogoni people was not to be compromised as it was the only option left to save the people from extinction.
In his very first public speech in Ogoni after his release on January 4, 2020, Nsuke thanked the Gokana kingdom and the entire Ogoni people for their peaceful disposition while he was in detention. He said he was grateful to the people for not taking the laws into their hands while he was in detention noting that what the allies of Shell plotted was to repeat the Saro-Wiwa's episode.
Nsuke said it was regrettable that a justifiable demand for human rights was being repressed by Shell in connivance with the Nigerian military authorities. He condemned the response of government to the Ogoni situation especially the 1995 murder of nine activists including renowned human rights campaigner, Ken Saro-Wiwa and called for the exoneration of the "Ogoni 9" to facilitate the resolution of the Ogoni problem.

He condemned Shell's sponsorship of the repression against the Ogoni people noting that after destroying the Ogoni environment and the future of the entire Ogoni nationality, Shell connived with the Nigerian security forces to repress, kill and to subdue protestors who have only been asking for basic rights.
Nsuke told the gathering that intimidation will not deter the demands of the Ogoni people. He said only peaceful dialogue between the parties to discuss the future of the Ogoni people will settle the issue and called on all Ogoni people to rise up peacefully and protect their future by demanding the respect for their rights as citizens of Nigeria.
He further said it was unacceptable for an oil producing community like Ogoni to contribute over $200billion in revenue to Nigeria and nothing to show for it. The protest of the Ogoni people against marginalization is therefore justifiable, Nsuke concluded.