The attention of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, (MOSOP) USA has been drawn to the harassment and unlawful arrest of Comrade Fegalo Nsuke, MOSOP President Ogoni, by the Nigerian Police.

Comrade Fegalo Nsuke has every right like everyone else, freedom of association, of movement and of speech.

MOSOP USA strongly condemn the arrest and warn anyone behind it to desist from such act, and demand for the unconditional release of Comrade Fegalo Nsuke with immediate effect.

MOSOP USA call on the Rivers State government and the Federal government of Nigeria to hold the perpetrators of this act accountable and discipline them accordingly.

MOSOP USA also want to inform the People and government of Nigeria that arrest, intimidation, harassment, torture and death had not stopped the movement and cannot stopped it. The recommended solution is by dialogue, which should start from granting the Rights of the Ogoni people, rather than compounding it.

MOSOP USA calls on all Ogoni People home and abroad to participate fully in tomorrow’s celebration of the Indigenous Peoples Day (Ogoni Day).

MOSOP USA advise all Ogoni People to come together in Unity, for We believe that nothing can stand our way, if we unite on purpose to save our land, people and environment. We need to embrace change, forgive one another and seek the progress of Ogoni at Large. these should be our New Year Resolution.

Happy New Year, Happy New Thoughts. God bless you all.



Dr. Anderson Ngbobu
Chairman, MOSOP USA CTC.

Mr. DineBari Augustine Kpuinen
Secretary, MOSOP USA CTC.


Ps. LedibaBari Yorka

Treasurer, MOSOP USA CTC