You are Creating Problems in Ogoni, Clergyman Rebukes Pyagbara

Bishop of the Anglican Church, Rt. Rev. Solomon Gberegbara has cautioned former president of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People, MOSOP, Legborsi Pyagbara against creating problems in Ogoni
Gberegbara spoke at the All Saints Anglican Cathedral, Bori, on Sunday during the church annual harvest and thanksgiving service which had Pyagbara in attendance.
|"Your tenure has elapsed and you are still claiming you are a MOSOP president, you must stop creating problems in Ogoni" the clergyman told Pyagbara.
"If not for God, I won't let you into this Church" Bishop Gberegbara told Pyagbara.
Pyagbara'''s tenure as president of MOSOP constitutionally expired on December 31, 2018 and he has continued to lay claim to the MOSOP presidency with the support of allies of Shell and some government chiefs.
This has created some problems in MOSOP after the organization successfully conducted an election in December 2018 which saw the emergence of a new president, Fegalo Nsuke, on December, 19, 2018
Nsuke has since then been attacked three times and on October 7, 2018 was near assassinated by thugs on the orders of Pyagbara.
Nsuke enjoys massive support from the Ogoni people and remains the only leader of MOSOP who can freely walk the streets of Ogoni, call Ogoni congresses and rallies and address the Ogoni people.
Bishop Gberegbara will be the first prominent Ogoni to speak publicly against Pyagbara's attempt to sit tight thereby causing divisions in MOSOP.