MOSOP Fault Incessant Military Raids on Ogoniland

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) wishes to express its dismay at incessant military raids on Ogoniland. MOSOP is particularly disturbed by the impacts military repression is having on the increasing level of deaths presently experienced in Ogoni communities especially as reports point to a high level of heart conditions and very strange sicknesses.
MOSOP condemn the frequent military raids on Ogonland as they increasingly darken the future of our people, frustrates our hopes and prospects of a peaceful resolution of the Ogoni oil conflicts which has led to the death of thousands of Ogonis including the November 10, 1995 hanging of nine of our leaders and civil rights campaigners.
We are further disturbed by the negative impact of these military raids on our communities as they cause disruptions in normal community life, food shortages and constitutes real threats to the future of our people who have only been grappling to recover from a very painful past and survive in an environment seriously impacted by oil spills.
It is unpleasant that for our communities with a deplorable history of military persecution, our people continue to be humiliated and suppressed under intensive military raids causing increasing death rates occasioned by direct shootings, fear and a reminder of the highly traumatic state persecution we have been through since the launch of our campaign demanding respect for basic rights.
MOSOP is disturbed that the raids on Ogoniland is coming at a time the government and private oil industry actors are scheming and mounting pressures, seeking to divide and conquer the people with a target to force oil production in Ogoniland against the people's wish for a broad-based discussion on the issue so as to avert any further deaths in Ogoni which could arise from community protests against the move.
MOSOP strongly condemn these desperate actions to force oil production in Ogoniland against the wishes of our people as it now clearly represent real threats to the peace and security of Ogoniland and has become a major cause of death in Ogoniland.
MOSOP regrets that despite our calls and willingness to engage the authorities in broad-based discussions, government seem to prefer the forceful approach disregarding its impact and threats to the fundamental rights of our people, the fragile nature of Ogoni's small population and the peoples peaceful disposition which makes military raids on Ogoni an obviously killing strategy.
MOSOP call for respect for the rights of the Ogoni people and an end to frequent military raids on our communities.
MOSOP further call for the strengthening of Police formations in Ogoni, an increase in the number of Police stations covering Ogoniland and better equipment for the Police in the area to enhance their capacity to deliver on their responsibilities.
Finally, we urge the Ogoni people to remain calm and peaceful and will assure that all crimes against our people including present human rights violations will certainly be called to question.
Alex Akori
Asst. Secretary