Outrage Over Deteriorating Human Rights Situation in Ogoni as Nigerian Solders Turn Brutal

A congress of the Ogoni people held Saturday September 14, 2019 in Bera, Gokana local government area under the aegis of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Gokana kingdom has condemn gross human rights abuses characterizing current military operations in Ogoniland.
The military was deployed last we to Ogoni over reports of criminal gangsters operating in the Ogoni area.
While congress condemned the activities of criminal gangs who have recently terrorized parts of Ogoniland, it regrets that the military operations had been very brutal on civilians and seemingly assuming the character and strategy used by Major Paul Okuntimo against the Ogonis during the 1990s.
Congress condemned the sacking of communities and the resultant effects on innocent community dwellers including old people, children and women who have particularly suffered serious violations in the hands of the military.
Congress condemned the burning down of people's homes and traditional worship centers as well as the extortion of business places, passersby and motorists plying the Ogoni area..
Congress also condemned the rape of 14 women in Gokana and other parts of Ogoniland by the Nigerian soldiers.
Congress called on the military authorities to overhaul the operations noting that the destruction of traditional worship centers, rape and defilements as well as the torture and brutality of innocent community dwellers as well as passersby cannot amount to fighting crime.
Congress called on the Ogoni people to remain peaceful in the face of current repression. Congress also urged communities to take steps to end criminal activities within their domain.
Alex Akori
A - Secretary, MOSOP