MOSOP New York Gets New Executive Board

With exceptional enthusiasm, full of fresh and renewed energy, built on what we are well known for – resilience and getting things done, MOSOP-New York (MOSOP-NY) congress here announces its New executive council.

After a long search and thorough screening by the MOSOP-NY appointed electoral committee in accordance with MOSOP-NY bye laws, on July 21, 2019 the New and refined Executive Board was instituted by MOSOP-NY congress. A big thank you to members of the electoral committee in persons of Veronica Npimnee, Olivia Leesi Bagia, and Donatus Donabon for getting the job done. 

MOSOP-NY congress also expresses our gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Barineka Sampson – the outgoing caretaker chairman and  Mrs. Florence Abueh – outgoing caretaker committee member for their tensile strength and administrative rigor in leading MOSOP-NY for the past  two years. 

The new MOSOP-NY administration consists of  Gote Abueh - chairman, Donatus Donabon – General Secretary, Olivia Leesi Bagia – Treasurer, and Eebu Jackson Nwiyon – public relation. We implore MOSOP-USA executive board, MOSOP-USA congress, the entire Ogoni populace in diaspora, the Ogoni people in Nigeria, and all individual and organizational friends of the Ogoni people to join MOSOP-NY in congratulating its new executive team. MOSOP-NY operates on a central axial principle that continuously reminds us that “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” (Aristotle).

We are:

Gote Abueh (Chairman)

Donatus Donabon (Gen. Secretary)

On behalf of MOSOP-NY congress.