Ogoni Women to Gininwa: We are Not Prostitutes, You Need a Psychiatrist

Ogoni women have advised the Gbenemene of Tai, G.N.K. Gininwa to seek the help of a psychiatrist rather than making uncoordinated and moronic statements, insulting Ogoni women publicly and shamelessly exposing his irresponsible mindset.
Reacting to a statement by King Godwin Gininwa's Supreme Council of Traditional Rulers of Ogoni on Monday (August 5) morning describing Ogoni women as prostitutes, The Federation of Ogoni Women's Association (FOWA) in a statement by its President  Mrs Namon Nwinde said King Gininwa's obsession for Ogoni oil as an ally of Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) has corrupted his mind and gotten him to loose his sense of responsibility..
Mrs Nwinde said Ogoni women are highly responsible in character despite the terrible conditions in which they live and have remained committed to a new Ogoni where their rights are respected.
The Ogoni women leader noted that Ogoni women will not accept insults from Gininwa and warned the Tai chief to stop further abuse of Ogoni women.
FOWA demanded an immediate apology fro G..N.K Gininwa while warning the Tai high chief to forthwith desist from further abuse of Ogoni women.
King Gininwa was yesterday morning quoted in the news report of Port Harcourt radio, Rhythm 93.7FM referring to Ogoni women as prostitutes and calling for the resumption of oil production in Ogoniland to create jobs for women and pull them away from prostitution.