MOSOP Caution Against Oil Resumption in Ogoniland

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has cautioned against a possible crackdown on the Ogoni people to kill them in order to force oil resumption in the land. President of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke, raised the alarm while addressing newsmen in Abuja on Friday. Nsuke said the plot is being hatched by allies of Shell who have disguised as Ogoni leaders and championing the campaign for oil resumption.
"Oil resumption will kill our people and we do not want it" Nsuke said.
He explained that government orientation to force oil production in Ogoni using the military has not helped matters but has rather endangered the Ogoni people
"Attempts to force oil resumption in Ogoniland without the consent of the people have always been resisted. Usually, the government responds by sending soldiers who shoot and kill Ogoni people and we do not want this to happen again"
Nsuke further warned that "killing Ogoni people over oil could attract sympathy from the rest of the Niger Delta and possibly throw the region into crises"
He described the campaigns for oil resumption as an invitation to state repression against the Ogoni people noting that the Ogoni environment cannot support any form of oil exploitation at this time.
"The Ogoni people and the environment can logically not support any form of oil production at the moment as the people have not been receptive to the idea. The implication is that every attempt to force oil production in Ogoni will be resisted by the people and government will as usual respond by sending in the soldiers to kill us which we do not want. It is therefore imperative that to save lives, we must not contemplate oil resumption in Ogoni at this time" Nsuke said.
According to him, Shell's crime against the Ogoni people were still very fresh and affecting lives severely, therefore, plans to resume oil production without the peoples consent could cause civil protests and lead to conflicts with attendant loss of lives