MOSOP Cries Out Over Current Military Repression in Ogoniland

Press Release MOSOP Cries Out Over Current Military Repression in Ogoniland

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) wishes to express its displeasure over ongoing military repression in Ogoniland.
Information available to us indicates that a driver accidentally hit a military personnel today in Bori. The victim is reported to have been taken to a hospital.
Consequently, the military is in Bori brutalizing everyone they set their eyes on. Residents inform us that the area have been deserted while the army is on rampage brutalizing citizens, destroying vehicles and taking monies and telephones from innocent citizens.
MOSOP sees this as a war on innocent Ogoni citizens and calls on the Nigeria authorities to call the army to order. The current brutality of Ogoni citizens is totally unjustifiable and unacceptable to us as our people have done nothing to deserve thees abuses.
While we regret the unfortunate incident, we understand that it is an accident involving a driver and a soldier. That cannot be reason to criminalize every Ogoni citizen and deny us the freedom to reside in our homes.
The continual hounding of men, young people, women and children is not acceptable to us. We are addressing the internal issues we face as Ogonis and do not need soldiers to assist us in solving those problems.
We are not facing an external invasion warranting military intervention and we will urge the soldiers to be withdrawn immediately and leave us in peace.
We further call on the Nigerian authorities to boost Police security in Ogoni with more equipment and logistics to enhance their effectiveness.
We do not need soldiers for our security as they have long established themselves as Ogoni enemies and continue to reinforce that long-standing impression we have had of them
Dcn. Monday Neeka Ziinu
General Secretary, MOSOP
Friday, April 26, 2019