MOSOP Dissociates From Planned Meeting in Saakpenwa

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) hereby dissociate itself from the meeting planned for Saakpenwa, the headquarters of Tai local government area, tomorrow April 22, 2019.
This stems from our understanding of the said meeting as an orchestrated attempt by Nigerian government, Shell and the Nigerian oil industry to force oil resumption in Ogoniland without the consent of the Ogoni people..
MOSOP strongly denounces attempts by allies of Shell and the government to force oil resumption in Ogoni without the consent of the Ogoni people.
MOSOP condemn these desperation without genuine concerns for the history of the Ogoni struggle and the fundamental demands of the Ogoni people as documented in the Ogoni Bill of Rights.
We note that the Ogoni issue revolves around our demand for self determination in Nigeria. An international issue which no oil industry player can resolve. It will therefore be a huge mistake to think that some allies of Shell can gather somewhere in Tai and give out the Ogoni oil to those with whom they have an understanding.
We further note that it is regrettable that successive Nigerian governments have translated the simple demands of the Ogoni people for basic rights to self determination into an economic venture with huge patronage of Shell and other Nigerian oil industry actors.
Let us here make bold that the Ogoni problem is not about cleaning up Shell's mess of over 50years but a fight against injustice and only by addressing Ogoni demands on the government and people of Nigeria as contained in the Ogoni Bill of Rights that we can resolve the dispute satisfactorily.
Let us further state the nullity of all decisions taken by sympathizers and allies of the Nigerian oil industry who have found fortunes in canvassing oil resumption in Ogoni particularly because the conveners of the said meeting do not have the mandate of the Ogoni people to speak on its behalf despite all previous manipulative efforts to act as such.
MOSOP regrets that despite the enormous loss of life in the struggle of the Ogoni people to a descent living and self determination, the Nigerian government with funding from Shell and the Nigerian oil industry continues to jeopardize the peace of Ogoni, inciting violence and sponsoring local hooliganism to quash civil uprising and demands for justice for the Ogoni people in Nigeria.
We alert the world of the current repressive plans of Shell and the government especially as the plans to force oil production without a genuine, broad based dialogue with the Ogoni people is certainly designed towards achieving the usual military crackdown on local resistance.
We are confident that as usual, this time, God will again vindicate us and the plans to kill us for our oil will continue to fail.
Monday Neeka Ziinu
General Secretary, MOSOP
Monday, April 22, 2019..
We regret and apologize for earlier mistake in the meeting date and Venue.