MOSOP Call for Calm in Ogoni Community, Condemn Role of Nigeria Police

The leading apex socio-political group in Ogoni, Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People )MOSOP) has called for calm in Zaakpon, an Ogoni community in Khana local government area recently entangled in internal crises. In a statement by the president of MOSOP Fegalo Nsuke, the organisation blamed the Nigeria Police for the poor management of the incidents and urged the parties to commence dialogue to restore peace in the community.

The statement reads in full:
The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) wishes to call for restraint in dealing with the current crises rocking Zaapon community in Khana local government area where we have received reports of robbery and conflicts in the community.
Available reports has it that following an attempt to steal four transformers belonging to the Zaakpon community on Saturday March 2, 2018, some Police officers arrived the community in the early hours(about 1..00am) of Sunday, March 3, 2018 to take away the transformers and the vehicle that was used in the robbery but were resisted by local youths.
Available information shows that in the early hours of Sunday, March3, 2018, seven Police trucks arrived the Zaakpon community shooting sporadically and forcing residents to flee into the bushes and destroying some private homes.
While we recognize and respect the legitimate duty of the Police to intervene in conflicts and protect lives and property, we consider the destruction of private homes and the sporadic shooting in the community as excesses which jeopardize the safety of innocent residents especially women and children and therefore are unacceptable.
We call for calm on the part of the community and Police and advocate an urgent dialogue to bring the community leaders and the Police together to find lasting peace in the community and resolve the problems as quickly as possible.
Though we reject all forms of criminal activities, we hold to the position that the crime of a few cannot justify the criminalization of an entire community, the torture of everyone including women and children and will therefore call for immediate dialogue and resort to peaceful means to bring back normalcy in the community of Zaakpon.
MOSOP will immediately commission a team to dialogue with the community leaders and will hope that the process will advance the immediate return of peace in the community.