Ogoni Youth Coalition Condemn Harassment of its Members Over HYPREP, Advocates Peaceful Engagement

The leadership of OYCM Worldwide rising from a shocking revelation and stumbling on clandestine moves by HYPREP to gag peaceful expressions, suppress superior narrative and implicate through cheap blackmail, do hereby issue this official statement as follows:

1.That we condemn every act of violence and harassment on any person and agency doing lawful duties in Ogoni

2.That we frown bitterly at the distractions to the main narrative on the UNEP implementation campaign for justice and best practice led by OYCM.

3.That we have reasons to believe that the alleged arson on the bus conveying journalists on lawful assignments with HYPREP was unfortunate and regrettable.

4.That it should not be completely isolated from an act of God and the provoked spirit of Ogoni, otherwise the miscreants should bury their heads as no obstacle will stop our ultimate victory.

5.That we volunteer to collaborate with the security agencies to bring to book the conspirators if any, whose aim is to truncate a noble course.

6.That we advise HYPREP to continue to seek wide and thorough engagement, inclusiveness, integration, collaboration and consultation with Ogonis to
ensure seamless delivery of the mandates of cleaning Ogoni and the Niger

7.That we should pay more attention to the message rather than the messenger in the drive for full implementation of the recommendations of UNEP using HYPREP as a Special Purpose Vehicle(SPV) and the Polluter Pays Principle(PPP)

8.That we will not condone the perceived harassment of our members verbally, impliedly and otherwise using State Security Apparatus(SSA) unless where  proven beyond every reasonable iota of doubt to be culpable of haven acted or conspired to act in ways that constitute or suggest aiding or abating arson in the ongoing investigation.

9.That OYCM will explore all peaceful, conventional and forensic approaches in exposing perpetrators of violent crimes including but not limited to arson, murder, kidnapping, assassinations, armed robbery, cultism, thuggery and the likes currently rampaging Ogoni

10.That we condemn in strong terms the killings in Eleme, Khana communities and Bori, especially as it affects young people in their prime.

11.That we will be forced to approach the court if actions and inactions which undermine best practices and alternative conflict resolutions so employed by OYCM fails and thus have reasons to believe that libel is intended and our human rights and freedom are threatened by any person, agency or apparatus.

12.That we put GBO KABAARI, Civil Society Groups, NGOs, MOSOP, KAGOTE, The International Community on notice with respect to a perceived clampdown,
incarceration, genocide, and pogrom of the Ogoni youths by mercenaries of the state

13. That we are peaceful, will continue to be peaceful, formidable, resilient, undeterred, and focused until the ultimate goal of zero tolerance for pollution, genocide, stagnation, strangulation, oppression, impoverishment and exclusion is achieved
Interface Coordinator/Public Relations Officer OYCM Worldwide.