Communiqué issued by MOSOP-USA at the conclusion of the 23rd anniversary of the hanging of the “Ogoni Nine”

Communiqué issued by MOSOP-USA at the conclusion of the 23rd anniversary of the  hanging of the “Ogoni Nine (9)” aptly convened at the African American International Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, on November 10th 2018.

Unlike other ceremonies in recent history, MOSOP activists in the United States unanimously accepted the call for recalibration. Reorienting our collective conscience to the significance of the sacrifices made by the Ogoni 9 and countless others whose lives ended prematurely for the betterment of Ogoni. This clarion call meant that we have recommitted to honoring our heroes by pursuing initiatives that improves the overall welfare of Ogoni.

Reconnect our Roots
The tone of the day was established by the President, Dr. Naabien who themed the conference “The Ogoni Survival Imperative” and welcomed the congregants of the occasion with a brief reflection on the history of MOSOP and our demands as enshrined in the  “Ogoni Bill of Rights” to firmly secure our right to self-determination.

Repurposing our Pains & Sufferings
With greater emphasis on our future, we were challenged to remain cognizant of the pains and sufferings occasioned by environmental degradation, economic strangulations and political marginalization. Further, Ogonis were called to reengineer these perils into propellers.

Elevating our Culture
The Ogoni Survival Imperative also includes the preservation of our cultural traditions and language curriculum. Without our language, the future of our children and our cultural identity risk losing its value and longevity.

Natural Resources
While there are other natural resources endowed on Ogoniland, the issue of oil production in Ogoni remains a constant at the center of the government's priority list. This is a known issue and it remains contentious if not incendiary. We must be vigilant and work circumspectly that we maintain our position. We must endeavor to be proactive and fully engaged on all matters germane to oil resumption to ensure that the overly publicized cleanup effort does not involve surreptitiously creating an re-entry to oil production without negotiations and preconditions.

UNEP Cleanup
As glowing reports of progress on the cleanup circulate from certain sectors of Ogoni, it is imperative that discerning members of our community remain attentive and seek out benchmarks to measure actual progress rather than counting on what is being communicated in the press that are  potentially influenced by special interest groups.