MOSOP Denounces Biira's Committee, Flay Robo Michael's Role

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has described the formation of an electoral committee headed by Prince Biira as a Robo Michael initiative. In a statement by MOSOP's publicity secretary, Fegalo Nsuke, the Ogoni apex group described the move as another attempt by Robo Michael to use its collaborators to take control of MOSOP and get a false endorsement for oil resumption in Ogoniland

The statement dissociated MOSOP from the Biira's committee urging the general public to discountenance the report as they are borne out of deception and falsehood.

MOSOP said it is well aware that the group led by Prince Biira is an initiative of Robo Michael Limited, the same company that sponsored these very actors in a failed attempt to force oil resumption in Ogoniland last year.

Having failed in their last attempt, Robo Michael is currently using these actors again in a bid to take control of MOSOP with the hope of an express endorsement of Robo Michael Limited for Ogoni oilfields.

We will however note that the sponsorship of groups such as these to cause distractions in MOSOP and Ogoniland is not new and we will not be perturbed by whatever antics they will deploy.

It is instructive to also state that we have since moved forward on elections in MOSOP with the guidelines and time table released by the electoral committee chaired by Chief Emmanuel Nkala and we will not be distracted in the slightest by sponsored groups such as this one headed by Prince Biira.

We will however advise Robo Michael Limited and its collaborators to note that Ogoniland will not fall to their deception and we will continue to stand for the truth and build on the democratic tenets of MOSOP which the Chief Emmanuel Nkala led electoral committee represents..