NUOS INTL, USA Boycott Meeting with Clandestine Group Sponsored by Shell and Federal Government

The National Union of Ogoni Students INTL (NUOS INTL USA), and Ogoni Lives Matter INTL (OLM USA), over the weekend boycotted KAGOTE and Dr. Dekil, the man who runs the oppressive and corrupt agency, HYPREP, that continues to corruptly divert, transfer or lavish money meant for the Ogoni cleanup by sponsoring politicians and other recalcitrant self-seeking events, to launch personal ambitions at the expense of dying Ogonis. The conference call was therein declared as a propaganda and image laundering conference call.

Our decision to boycott the censored and self-hand-picked forum was contained in a letter posted to NUOS INTL USA list-serve link,  signed by Godfrey Kinanee, which was later circulated via other mediums, by Dumka Babel, and was rejected by NUOS INTL Administrator on the ground that KAGOTE USA has no mandate to convey or preside over serious issue of Ogoni environment.

Other reasons that predicated our boycott is that KAGOTE is the right wing anti Ogoni development organization, who crippled MOSOP momentum and stroke outrage, division and disunity in Ogoni, was also the tool the government and Shell used in fanning flames that led to the death of four Ogoni political arrow heads, as well as and witnesses that led to the hanging of Ken Saro Wiwa and eight other Ogoni activists, which until today, remains not only a setback to Ogoni youths, but the entire Ogoni at large. KAGOTE must and should disable its inclination or ideology that reward class distinction over citizenship and account for its decades of stewardship to Ogoni people.

We were indeed not just surprised, and shocked, but disappointed that Dr. Dekil didn’t have the courage and conviction  to contact MOSOP USA and NUOS INTL USA in the US, but rather unmask clannish, partisan politics and participation over the hope and future of one million Ogonis. Though we respect individual(s) freedom of assembly and expression, but very concern about the medical and environmental fraud being perpetrated against Ogonis by KAGOTE and Dr. Marvin Dekil. This is not just unwise but seriously, a wrong path to walk.

NUOS INTL USA, therefore urge Dr. Marvin Barinem Dekil, KAGOTE and members of HYPREP BOTS or governing council to do the right thing by ensuring that a credible international company with capable, financial, professional and expertise technologies is contracted to handle, monitor and supervise Ogoni clean up. In that, Ogoni will not accept HYPREP cover up, cutting edge and sacrificing science deception strategies being adopted by Dr. Dekil and HYPREP to rip-off Ogoni people. We also want to remind that, any scientific research or studies that take more than five years to implement is declared none and void.

NUOS INTL USA reiterates its commitment and vow to take this fight to whoever, regardless of class, ethnicity, race or political affiliation. Arguing that, twenty-seven years ago, Ken Saro wiwa took the plight of the suffering and forgotten Ogonis, a mandate given to him by over 300,000.00 people, who peacefully took to the street and demanded a clean environment, derivation of our natural resources, to the United Nation. Adding that, your sponsorship to United Nation submit by HYPREP, government and Shell is not only a testament to Ken Saro Wiwa, and Ogoni credit, but a validation as vanguard in the fight for global warming.

We therefore urge Dr. Dekil, KAGOTE and their sycophants to condemn in the strongest term as well as demand an  investigation into  Shell procurement of fund into recalcitrant cultism that have taken  many lives in Ogoni, especially Dr. Kina and others as victims.

Respectfully submitted


Mr. Pius Baripkoa Nwinee ------- President (NUOS INTL. USA)

Mr. Sampson B Npimnee ------ Secretary General (NUOS INTL. USA)

Mr. Cornelius J.S Dumerene------ Coordinator (OLM INTL (Ogoni Lives Matter), USA

Mr. Toate Ganago ----------------- Secretary General (OLM INTL) Ogoni Lives Matter), USA