MOSOP Election 2018: Electoral Committee Releases Timetable, Guidelines

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has announced the timetable and guidelines for the 2018 MOSOP general elections. Find below, the timetable and election guidelines for the conduct of the 2018 MOSOP general elections released by the chairman of the electoral committee, Chief Emmanuel Nkala.






Sales and submission of forms

Mon 12th Nov – 22nd Nov, 2018


Town/Chapter Elections

24th Nov. 2018



Kenkhana/Bori Kingdoms Elections

Wed. 28th Nov. 2018



Ban - Ogoi/Eleme Kingdoms Elections

Saturday 1st Dec. 2018


Display of list of Aspirants for National Affiliates and MOSOP Exco 

Wednesday 5th Dec. 2018 


Screening of Aspirants for National offices

Saturday 8th – Wed. 12th Dec. 2018


Display of List of cleared contestants

Friday 14th Dec. 2018


National Affiliates manifesto/Elections

Saturday 15th Dec. 2018


MOSOP Exco manifesto/Election

Sat. 22nd Dec, 2018


Note that this schedule supersedes all previous arrangement



The Electoral Committee deliberated and issued the following guidelines made pursuant to the provisions of the MOSOP Constitution; for the conduct of MOSOP elections scheduled to hold in December, 2018. Aspirants/Candidates are therefore advised to carefully and thoroughly study to be properly guided.   



          All aspirants/candidates


(i)      Must be Ogoni by birth or by naturalization or by marriage (in case of women);


(ii)     Must not only be a registered/bonafide member of any of the constituent organizations that makeup MOSOP but must have also be registered in his or her town/chapter and must have recognizably participated actively in MOSOP activities.


(iii)    Must be someone that has not been convicted of any criminal offence.


(iv)    Must have paid his/her dues for the past two (2) years as at the time of submission of nomination form;


(v)     Shall have their election forms endorsed by not less than two (2) registered/bonafide members of MOSOP who would serve as nominators.          


(vi)    Shall sign on to an undertaking committing themselves to non-violence and proper civil conduct at all times and shall as well prevail on their supporters to do same. Candidates found guilty of non-compliance shall   be disqualified. 


B.      AGE

(i)      Persons running for the office of President of MOSOP and other national elective positions shall not be less than 30 years of age, except for aspirants into student’s union executives who shall not be less than 18 years.

(ii)     Candidates seeking election into the office of Kingdom coordinators of MOSOP (Kingdom/Special Unit) and other Kingdom offices shall not be less than 30 years of age, except for aspirants into students union executives who shall not be less than 18 years.



(i)      Candidates seeking election into the office of the President, Deputy President and Secretary General of MOSOP shall possess a minimum of Ordinary National Diploma (OND) while contestants for other positions in the National Executive Committee (NEC) shall posses a minimum qualification of school certificate or its equivalent.  


(ii)     Candidates aspiring to national offices of the constituent organizations (affiliates) shall possess a minimum of school certificate or its equivalent;


(iii)    Candidates running for the offices of the Kingdom Co-ordinator/Deputy Co-ordinator/Secretary (applicable to special units too) and other   Kingdom offices shall hold a minimum qualification of a school certificate or its equivalent.



(i)      Collection of forms shall end November 23, 2018. The period may be extended if only there is extreme need to do so.


(ii)     The forms shall be collected/issued upon the payment of the appropriate fee, which are as stated hereunder:-


(iii)    National Executive Committee:     President                        N20,000

                                                                   Dep. President                N15,000

                                                                   Secretary-General           N15,000

                                                                   Other offices                   N10,000


(iv)    National Exco (Affiliates):             Chair                               N3,000

                                                                   Vice Chair                       N2,500

                                                                   Secretary                        N2,500

                                                                   Other offices                   N2,000





(v)     Kingdom Exco/Affiliate Exco/

          Special Unit Executive:                   Kingdom Co-ord/

                                                                   Affiliate Head/

                                                                   S/Unit Co-ord                  N1,500


                                                                   Affiliate Head/

                                                                   V/S-Unit Co-ord               N1,000                                                                  Secretary                        N1,000                                                                   Other Offices                   N1,000


(vi)    Chapter Exco/Affiliate Exco:         Chapter/Affiliate

                                                                   Leaders                           N500

                                                                   D/Leaders                       N500

                                                                   Secretary                        N500

                                                                   Other offices                   N500


(viii)   The forms shall be collected at the chapter.



§    In addition to the above, there shall also be a Grand Patron and two (2) Ex-Officio members for the National Executive Committee, one Patron for the national affiliate executives, one Patron for the Kingdoms/Special units and Kingdom affiliates. In the case of the town/chapter affiliates, there shall be one Patron who shall be the COTRA leader in that chapter. All the Patrons shall be people of proven integrity and shall be appointed by the necessary organs.


§     Each town/chapter send her register of members with dues to reach the Electoral Committee on or before November 23, 2018. Dues shall be payable at the chapter.



Rev. Richard Biragbara                                      Chief Emmanuel Nkala

Secretary, Electoral Committee                              Chairman

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